Banjar Wijaya

Jl. Cipondoh Raya Km. 2 Tangerang, Banten

Deskripsi Perumahan

Another prime project developed by Sinar Mas Land, Banjar Wijaya is a sanctuary for people wanting to live in western Jakarta. Located adjacent to the Cikokol, Tangerang Banten toll road gate, only half the 120 hectare site has currently been developed. Banjar Wijaya offers middle to upper class residences with facilities including 24 hour security, shopping areas, drug store, health center, kindergarten and a sportsclub. The serene and tranquil atmosphere is ideal for young families wanting to find a balance between work and play. The location, just a few minutes drive from the rapidly growing areas surrounding BSD - Tangerang, Banjar Wijaya offers residents, tenants and visitors a great location to conduct business in an area that has not been over developed or burdened with traffic problems.

Tipe Rumah di Banjar Wijaya

Tipe 123/126

Rp 1.484.400.000

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