Grand Wisata

Jl. Mustika Jaya Bekasi, Jawa Barat

Deskripsi Perumahan

The character and the identity of this project are personified in the projects bold slogan, 'The Natural Gateway to Excitement'. It offers a solution to people with active lifestyle. At Grand Wisata one can find an ideal spot for relaxation and an escape from the frenzy of city living. Driving along the toll road to east of Jakarta, one cannot help but notice the yellow suspension bridge that marks the main entrance to Grand Wisata. To emphasize its focus on nature and people, Grand Wisata created a development that embraced a sense of community that includes security, integrated transportation and utility services and accessibility to public facilities.

Tipe Rumah di Grand Wisata

Tipe 175/245

Rp 2.946.075.000

Tipe 127/160


Tipe 323/240

Rp 3.586.660.000

Tipe 156/160

Rp 2.250.820.000

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